Coral Reefer

Good for the body. Good for the soul.

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Coral Reefer

The Coral Reefer brand was born out of music, sunshine, salty air, and good vibes. So when the winds of change started blowing and more and more states made cannabis legal, we wanted to create products to enhance peoples’ lives and represent the roots of Key West.

Silhouetted by the sun a group of young adults splash into the tropical ocean

“It just took the recent changes in attitudes to reach new latitudes and allow us to bring back the magic healing power of this amazing flower. I love happy endings, don’t you?”

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Surterra Wellness

Our Mission: Well-Being for All. Feeling truly well is a gift—and everyone should be able to achieve it. We’re here to empower you and your family to unlock all the benefits of cannabis with the safest, highest quality products and a welcoming experience that’s designed to help you feel your best.

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