TideRider Premium Vaporizer Device

TideRider Premium Vaporizer Device

The TideRider is our uniquely designed rechargeable vaporizer device, necessary to keep that summer sun shining all year long. The TideRider is compatible with the full line of Coral Reefer™ vaporizer pods, and available in three colors: Teal green, light wood tone, and dark wood tone.


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TideRider Highlights

Button controlled automatic and manual operation

Simple activation and preheat functions to ensure even vapor release

Easy, variable temperature control

Low, medium and high temperature settings to achieve optimal vapor flavor

Quick charge, long-lasting battery

One-hour charge time with automatic shut-off LED indicator light

Ceramic coil technology

Self-cleaning for elongated product life, smoother vaping experience and flavor enhancement

Functional design

Discrete and portable ergonomics for comfortable use