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The strongest in the Coral Reefer™ line, Tsunami products are for seasoned cannabis users who are looking for a high-impact experience. Most people will feel powerful euphoric effects that create a dream-like sensation in both the body and mind. These products may be beneficial if you are experiencing acute pain, insomnia, or severe anxiety. We recommend extreme caution, especially for new cannabis users.

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Euphoria, Intense fast-acting Relief from Acute Pain

High Tide

High Tide products are a great way for the experienced cannabis user to unwind and feel uplifting mood effects. Most people will experience significant euphoria and warm, relaxing sensations. These products may be good choices for consumers who are managing pain related to a variety of conditions.

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Connect, Relieve anxiety and mild pain relief with moderate euphoric effect

Mid Tide

Most people will experience a noticeable feeling of relaxation accompanied by slight euphoric effects. If you’re looking for a mild experience, Mid Tide products are what you need. These products may be good choices if you are managing stress, muscle pain, or headaches.

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Total body relaxation, muscle spasm relief, mild euphoric effect

Low Tide

Low Tide products will help your body and mind feel relaxed, but most people won’t experience significant euphoric effects. If you’re new to cannabis, or if it’s been a while since your last encounter with it, Low Tide products are a great place to start. These products may be good choices if you want to manage inflammation or anxiety without experiencing any psychoactive effects.

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Gentle anxiety relief and anti-spasmodic for all-day consumption with insignificant euphoric effect

Regardless of intensity level, you should not drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence of cannabis.