Coral Reefer is a line of tropically inspired cannabis products and accessories created by Surterra Wellness in partnership with Jimmy Buffett and the team that manages Margaritaville Holdings.

Coral Reefer brings fun to the functional benefits of cannabis. Our carefully crafted blends combine natural terpenes that optimize targeted effects and highlight appealing, yet mild natural flavors. The initial product line includes four carefully crafted blends, available in disposable vape pens and pods, and infused balm.

Three key elements differentiate Coral Reefer™ from many other brands on the market:

  1. Consistency – Our ratio-based formulation approach delivers the same contents and thus the same experience every time.
  2. Quality ingredients – We never use cutting agents or synthetic ingredients.
  3. Extensive Testing – Our oils and devices are tested to ensure safety and outstanding experience.


Other vape products on the market are sold as strain-based formulations. However, the same strain may have different potency and terpene contents from batch to batch due to changing growing conditions, plant nutrition, time of year, or even location in the field or greenhouse. Our ratio-based approach, with consistent CBD to THC ratios and terpenes are designed to create a reliable experience for patients across every use and every purchase.

Many brands characterize their products as Indicas, Sativas, or Hybrids. Generally, Sativa strains are known to provide wakeful, energetic experiences and Indica strains are known to offer more relaxing, full body effects. Hybrid strains may have attributes of both. However, there are many variations of strains that are technically Sativa or Indica, that may have characteristics that are inconsistent with these generalized descriptions. So, relying on the strain type may not be the most helpful way to navigate to the best product for you.

Technically, all Coral Reefer products could be described as Hybrids. However, instead of targeting a specific strain or type of strain, we are targeting a specific experience. Our products contain carefully crafted blends of terpenes and targeted CBD to THC ratios to achieve the same experience, every time.

Quality Ingredients

Many other brands sell vaporizer cannabis oils that are cut with MCT oil, non-cannabis extenders and other artificial substances. Unlike these, Coral Reefer products are formulated entirely from natural ingredients.

We use only natural terpenes and cannabinoids. We never use MTC or other cutting agents. We never use synthetic terpenes or artificial colors or flavors. Our vaporizer oil contains only cannabis oil and natural terpenes.

Extensive Testing

We conduct extensive research and development testing to create formulations that achieve our intended target effects. While each individual’s experience may vary based on genetics, health and cannabis experience, each individual should get the same experience each time they use their favorite Coral Reefer product.

We also perform detailed quality testing on all of our raw ingredients and finished products to ensure they are free of pesticides, heavy metals and microbiological pathogens.

Finally, we are committed to performance testing our devices for safety and experience. They are designed specifically for the high quality of our oil and crafted with ceramic coils and cutting-edge technology and materials.

The initial product line will include four vape formulations available in disposable vaporizers and pods for our custom, rechargeable TideRider vaporizer device. Click to see full product details:

Every product in the Coral Reefer™ line is categorized as Low Tide, Mid Tide, High Tide, or Tsunami to reflect the strength of the formula. The intensity level is determined by the ratio of CBD to THC and the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, all of which can have a powerful impact on the overall intensity of the product.

Low Tide Intensity Level

Low Tide products will help your body and mind feel relaxed. Most people won’t experience significant euphoric effects. These products may be a good choice if you are looking to manage inflammation or anxiety without psychoactive effects.

Mid Tide Intensity Level

Most people will experience a noticeable feeling of relaxation accompanied by slight euphoric effects. If you’re looking for a mild experience, Mid Tide products are what you need. These products are a good choice if you are trying to manage stress, muscle pain, or headaches.

High Tide Intensity Level

High Tide products are a great way for the experienced cannabis user to unwind and feel uplifting mood effects. Most people will experience significant euphoria and warm, relaxing sensations. These products are a good choice for consumers who are trying to manage pain related to a variety of conditions.

Tsunami Intensity Level

The strongest in the Coral Reefer™ line, Tsunami products are for seasoned cannabis users who are looking for a high-impact experience. Most people will feel powerful euphoric effects that create a dream-like sensation in both the body and mind. These products may be beneficial if you are experiencing acute pain, insomnia or severe anxiety. We recommend extreme caution, especially for new cannabis users.

Regardless of intensity level, you should not drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence of cannabis.

You should lightly inhale for 2 seconds and then exhale. Wait 2-5 minutes for onset, and repeat this process as necessary to achieve desired state. Most patients will feel the effects for 1-4 hours.

Pure cannabis oil and natural terpenes.

We like to keep it clean, simple and all natural!

The Coral Reefer™ profiles do not match any specific profiles that are believed to reflect plants with certain strain names. A strain’s terpene profile can change from harvest to harvest due to factors such as location, weather, light conditions, nutrition, and other factors, resulting in an inconsistent product. Coral Reefer has chosen to formulate products in a different manner, one that provides product consistency.

In developing our custom terpene profiles, we referenced strains that embodied our desired effects in order to create the perfect blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and the best that nature has to offer.

With any cannabis vaporizer product, start with a single inhalation, wait for 2-5 minutes, and gradually increase your dosage until you reach your targeted effects.

If you are new to cannabis, we recommend that you start with our Low Tide (Seas the Day) and Mid Tide (Cabana Daydreamin’) products. These products are designed with moderate to low euphoric effects, which reduces the chance that you’ll get too far over your skis with this new experience. These products have high ratios of CBD, which is known to moderate the psychoactive effects of THC.

With any cannabis vaporizer product, start with a single inhalation, wait for 2-5 minutes, and gradually increase your dosage until you reach your targeted affects.

Please use caution when experiencing any new cannabis product. Even as you become a more experienced consumer, remember that every product may impact you differently. With Coral Reefer™ products, you can be sure to get a consistent experience every time you use the same formulation. With other strain-based brands, keep in mind that the cannabinoid and terpene contents may vary dramatically from product to product.